Asheville-Mountain Area Wildfire Reponse

Wildfire season is in full swing and the American Red Cross Asheville – Mountain Area is hard at work supporting the Forestry Service, Black Mountain Fire Department, area responders and families affected by a raging wildfire.

Since Tuesday evening, the Red Cross has had over 25 disaster volunteers on site providing safe overnight accommodations for several displaced residents, and serving more than 1,200 meals and snacks to the team of responders who continue their work to gain control of the blaze that has burned more than 590 acres. Though the blaze is now more than 80 percent contained, responders will be battling hot spots for several more days.
he Black Mountain fire began early afternoon Tuesday, March 31, and continues to rapidly spread burning more than 590 acres, and damaging and destroying several homes in the community of Ridgecrest. Fueled by humidity, the blaze is only about 25 percent
contained; therefore, responders will most likely be battling this fire for several more days.

The Red Cross plans to keep its support operation going as long as first responders are in need. A Red Cross evacuation shelter is also on stand by for residents in the Swannanoa community. When it is safe to do so, volunteers will work with community members to assess damages and determine any assistance needed for the recovery process.

Please be careful as high winds and dry conditions bring about more wildfires across parts of the country. Learn more about how to stay safe before, during and after wildfires. If you know a relative or friend seeking assistance after the wildfire, they can find their local Red Cross by visiting or calling 1-800-RED-CROSS.


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