Remembering Katrina


Remembering Hurricane Katrina as it Made Landfall 10 Years Ago Today in Louisiana

The devastation of Hurricane Katrina reminds us that being prepared for disaster is a community-wide effort that includes organizations, businesses, individuals and families taking preparedness action. We must work together to build a more prepared and resilient community that can withstand, quickly respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies.

If disaster strikes, will you be ready?

Being Prepared is the Best Defense Against Disaster, so the American Red Cross encourages everyone to become better prepared.

Don’t know where to start?

The three keys to being prepared are to build a kit, make a plan and be informed.

Get A Kit includes food, water, essential medications, copies of important documents

and other basic supplies.

Make A Plan in case you are separated from your family, and what to do if you must evacuate.

Be informed about what disasters or emergencies may occur and how to respond.

Download the Red Cross Emergency App which puts help right in your hands. The App combines severe weather and emergency alerts. Search “Red Cross Emergency” in theApple App Store or Google Play Store.

No one can predict where or when the next disaster will strike, but getting ready now can help save lives when the time comes. For more information on how your family can prepare for disasters and other emergencies, visit

In an emergency, every second counts- that’s why it’s crucial to have a game plan!


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