One Boys small sacrafice, helps to save many lives

Braydons Story with Photos-2During a school break, most children are riding their bikes, watching t.v and playing in their neighborhoods. But eight-year-old Braydon Walker had a different plan for his free time. He and his neighborhood friends spent their break inside, working hard to raise funds for the American Red Cross.

The catalyst driving Braydon was his desire to give back to his community. His grandmother, Carol Elliott, American Red Cross Blood Services Volunteer, inspired him to dedicate his mission to the Red Cross. He wanted to be as impactful as his grandmother when it came to making a difference, so he started brainstorming possibilities.

The young boys wanted a creative way to raise money and decided the best way would be through crafting. They immediately went to work and after four long weeks of crafting bracelets and rings, they decided to set up a stand and sell their jewelry.

Braydon and his friends accomplished their goal and donated fifty-five dollars to the Red Cross. This may not seem like a lot to some people, but the fact that this young man spent weeks working hard for such an unselfish reason, means more than any dollar amount. Every cent donated to the Red Cross is used to help individuals and families in need. Because of Braydon, his friends and his grandmother, the American Red Cross can continue to:

  • provide lifesaving blood and blood products to those who are sick
  • help individuals and families who have been affected by an emergency or disaster
  • afford emergency communications so deployed members of the Armed Forces are

able to communicate with their families back home when an urgent need arises

  • offer life-saving health and safety training courses.

“It is our volunteers who truly make a difference, “said Lori Copelan, volunteer coordinator for the American Red Cross High Point Center. “Braydon and his friends have donated to their community and because of their giving hearts others will benefit. We are so grateful to have Braydon, his grandmother and others who volunteer their time to the Red Cross.”




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