Haiti: Two-year update

The American Red Cross has issued a two-year report on recovery efforts in Haiti.

From Red Cross President Gail McGovern:

Thanks to our generous donors, dedicated volunteers and strong partners, the American Red Cross has been shifting our focus from relief to recovery. We’re helping to rebuild what the earthquake destroyed in Haiti and working with local communities to make them safer and healthier. We have built homes, given people opportunities to earn money, provided access to clean water and sanitation systems, supported the delivery of health care, and taught communities how to prevent the spread of diseases and to be better prepared for future disasters.

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The biggest concerns are…

You can hear American Red Cross worker Matt Marek discussing Haiti, reconstruction, cholera, and Hurricane Tomas on NPR’s Tell Me More today. Matt discusses the biggest concerns following Hurricane Tomas’ landfall.

Images from Hurricane Tomas disaster assessment:


KIPP students donate to Haiti relief

Three students from KIPP Charlotte – Peyton Figueroa, Alexus Arnold and Michaela Caldwell – presented a check for $500 to the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund on Friday, Sept. 24.

As part of the morning activities, Tiffany Flowers-Washington, co-founder of KIPP Charlotte, shook each student’s hand as they entered the school.  Flowers-Washington introduced Amanda Prothero, a staff member from the Red Cross, and Red Cross volunteers during morning announcements.  Figueroa, a member of the Pride of 2016 – the year he will graduate and go on to college – led the presentation while thanking Prothero and the Red Cross for their continuous efforts to help Haiti via the Haiti Relief Fund.

Figueroa, Arnold and Caldwell are members of the Ambassadors Club at KIPP Charlotte.  Members of this club are chosen to represent the school in the community based on their exceptional leadership skills.

“They are one of the poorest countries,” Figueroa said of Haiti. “I thought it would be nice to just do something for them.”


KIPP Charlotte is an open-enrollment, college prep middle school serving 365 students in grades 5-8.  Students raise money for end-of-the-year field trips, through a program called “Denim Days”, a program implemented by Prothero when she worked at KIPP Charlotte as Director of Development. 

The program was created to give The Pride a break from their usual daily uniform and to encourage The Pride (the students) to become engaged in philanthropic activities.  This year the students at KIPP Charlotte raised around $1,600. Typically, all the money raised helps send students on an end of the year field trip to visit colleges in places like Washington D.C., Atlanta, and New York City.  This year, the students were adamant about giving part of the money to Haiti.

Prothero said, “The Pride made such a strong argument that they should use the money for Haiti not for the field trips.  They even held debates and wrote letters to the School Leader to make their point!”

For a current report on the American Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund’s efforts click here.

Teen uses music to raise money for Red Cross relief in Haiti

Shortly after turning 14, Sam Heda, who goes to Porter Ridge Middle School in Monroe, recorded his first album. Sam has been playing the guitar since he was 3 years old. He wrote several of the songs on the CD himself, and he and his father co-wrote others.

During Black History Month, Sam participated in a concert where he sold copies of his CD for $10 each. He decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale of the CDs to the American Red Cross for its relief efforts in Haiti.


Thank you, Sam, for your generous contribution.

If you’d like to learn more about Sam or purchase his CD, please visit www.samheda.com.